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FamilyCare is a non profit organisation and as such we rely heavily on volunteers and financial assistance from the communities our programs service.

All our Services require Volunteers to assist the work of FamilyCare. The Disability Support program would not be able to provide recreational activities for children with disabilities if it were not for the great support they receive from Volunteers.


We provide the best possible programs to benefit families, individuals and children and we seek your assistance to keep our programs running.



FamilyCare has proven itself as an organisation that prides itself in the support and assistance it offers to the communities it serves. With a long service history of providing for the community in very important ways, FamilyCare is a worthy cause for charitable donations. 


Whatever the amount received, we will always use it with integrity, directing it to its most effective use. 


Should you wish to make a tax deductible donation you can post or deliver your donation to either of our offices in Shepparton or Seymour. We will forward your receipt to you accordingly.





For student enquiries, please contact Reception or email us via the Contact Us page




The Volunteer Program seeks to work in collaboration with staff and the services offered at FamilyCare to supplement and enhance the programs that are a resource to families and individuals within the community. Volunteers are available for families or individuals to assist them to reach their identified goals.


Volunteers may work with individuals, children or families, either in the home of the client or in the community with the Child and Family Services program, or alternatively volunteering opportunities are available in the Aged and Disability Services programs or assisting the agency’s second hand book shop – The Book Inn.

Disability Support Services


FamilyCare Disability Support Services offer a range of recreational respite programs to carers of children and young people with a disability or chronic health condition.


These programs offer a range of volunteering opportunities for people interested in assisting young people with disabilities. Volunteers can be people from all walks of life, young (over 15 years), older, couples or singles, students, working or non-working people.


Volunteers are trained in all aspects of their role and can volunteer as little or as often as they like. This program is also open to schools that have groups of, or individual students wishing to volunteer as part of a curriculum topic or an educational training course. Workplaces or Service Clubs are also welcome to register and be trained as part of this program.



The Book Inn


The Book Inn is a second hand book store located in Shepparton managed by dedicated Volunteers. The shop has a large variety of books catering for all ages.


The Book Inn is open from 10am – 4pm weekdays and is located at 94 Wyndham Street Shepparton.


Donations of good quality books are gladly accepted and can be dropped off at The Book Inn or to FamilyCare reception.


We are currently looking for dedicated people to volunteer in The Book Inn. If you are interested in volunteering with FamilyCare, contact the FamilyCare Volunteer Program on 03 5823 7041, email volunteer@familycare.net.au, or call in to 19 Welsford Street, Shepparton.