Publications and Submissions


Public Policy & Inquiry Submissions


FamilyCare has made a commitment in its Strategic Plan 2012-2015 to “advocate on important social policy issues consistent with agency values on behalf of its clients and its community/ies”.  The following publications and submissions have been made in response to policy reform proposed by both state and federal governments that have direct impact on our communities. 


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Submission reflecting on the state of children's rights in Australia 2018

Submission into the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Cashless Debit Card) Bill 2017

Productivity Commision Draft Report June 2017

Murdoch Evaluation Report - Mother-Baby Daystay, October 2016

Productivity Commision Preliminary Findings submission 4 November 2016

Response to the Productivity Commission Issues Paper June 2016 joint submission with Shepparton partner agencies

FamilyCare Response to the Integrated Carer Support Service Concept Paper June 2016

Roadmap for Reform Submission 13 November 2015

Commonwealth Home Support Program Discussion Paper - FamilyCare Response June 2014 (195kb)

Welfare Review interim report public submission - August 2014 (145kb)

FamilyCare’s comments on Andrew Forrest’s review of Indigenous Education and Training - September 2014 (146kb)

Joint Victorian Regional Agency Response to the Draft Competition Review Report - November 2014 (246kb)

Insight 7 - How 'place' fares in place-based solutions - March 2013 (182kb)

Submission to the Sector Reform Project - March 2013 (524kb)

ACNC Governance Consultation Paper and The Regulatory Impact Assessment of Potential Duplication of Governance and Reporting Standards for Charities - February 2013 (285kb)

Strategies for reducing reliance on high-cost, short-term, small amount lending - June 2012 (4.25mb)

Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation and Support Services Framework Consultation Paper – April 2012 (523kb)

Submission in relation to ACNC Implementation Design Discussion Paper – February 2012 (1.06mb)

Submission to the Treasury consultation paper re review of not-for-profit governance arrangements – January 2012 (1.1mb)

Supplementary Submission to Protecting Victorias Vulnerable Children Inquiry – August 2011 (179kb)

Submission Protecting Victorias Vulnerable Children Inquiry - April 2011 (128kb)

Submission-Inquiry into the impact of the Murray Darling Basin Plan in Regional Australia. January 2011 (661kb)


Presentation and Speeches


Speech presented by CEO at the National Council of Single Mothers and their Children 2011 Conference ‘Diversity, Dignity, Determination’ - November 2011 (232kb)


Research & Useful Materials


Monash University Income Management Best Practice Evaluation Framework - July 2013 (1.65mb)

Commissioned by Berry Street Victoria and FamilyCare