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Parent Assessment & Skills Development (PASD)


Referrals are accepted only from Department of Human Services Child Protection Unit.


PASD aims to improve risk assessment and management plans for high risk infants through improved access to timely, comprehensive, researched based assessment of parenting capacity and ongoing skill development
(High Risk Infants Service Quality Initiatives Project, Department of Human Services 1999)


Key Features:


  • CAFS PASD The intervention focuses on family strengths and is solution focused
  • Work occurs in the family’s home,  within the community (when applicable)
  • Collaborative practice with Protective Services, professionals and community agencies
  • After Hours On Call availability for families during the period of the intervention
  • The core goals of the PASD program are to produce a more cautious practice with infants known to the Child Protection Service by enabling:
    • Improved risk and need assessment
    • Better informed case decision making
    • Improved inter-agency and inter-disciplinary communication and coordination.




The service is regionally based and provides a model of service consisting of a parenting capacity assessment service and a parenting skill development, education and support services to families who are caring for infants known to Child Protection Services and who are assessed as being at risk of harm.


The PASD program follows the principles of Strengths-Based and Solution Focused Practice.


The program provides two modes of complimentary intervention:


  • Parenting assessment  (three (3) weeks) which is an assessment of the families practical skills and the parents capacity to parent competently
  • A skills development phase (nine (9) weeks) which assists  the parents to implement the strategies of the skills development plan.


Both phases of the intervention comprise of home visits, day stay centre visits and playgroup (if applicable).


Eligibility is any child under two (2) years of age, who have been referred by Child Protection

How to Refer:


PASD Workers and Program Leaders are only available from the Shepparton office and service areas mentioned below:


  • Child Protection Worker or Child Protection Team Manager refer to the PASD program
  • It is preferable that PASD cases have an allocated Child Protection worker
  • Referrals are made to the PASD Program Leader
  • When uncertain, consultation about a potential referral may occur with the PASD Program Leader on 0358 237 000.


Intake and Case Management Process for PASD referrals:


  • Child Protection team leader or delegated person contacts delegated PASD intake person at FamilyCare to discuss possible referral, to ascertain vacancy and eligibility and to discuss and mutually agree to clear bottom line standards for the child/ren to remain at home
  • Families First worker makes contact with allocated Child protection worker re availability;
  • Meeting to occur between Child Protection and Families First Worker to go through agreement and sign off
  • Child Protection informs family of referral and ensures family is fully aware of period and intensity of service provision
  • Child Protection to arrange for introductory meeting to occur with family whereby Families First Worker is introduced and Child Protection inform family of reason for intervention and bottom lines
  • Families First worker and Child Protection are to attend and participate in weekly care plans which occur at FamilyCare to exchange information and provide reciprocal progress updates during the period of the intervention
  • Upon case closure a formal written report inclusive of recommendations will be provided to Child Protection.


Service Area:

City of Greater Shepparton and the Shires of Moira, Strathbogie, Mitchell and Murrindindi.



Families First Program Leader on 0358 237 000


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