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Men & Family Relationships


Men & Family Relationships

Too tough to ask for help?
... Yeah right!


Most blokes think they NEVER
need to ask for help... NOT!

It’s not so much asking for help but having the chance to talk things over with someone who won’t tell you what to do.

Come in and have a chat; no strings, no gossip, just talk.

Many men who come to FamilyCare just want to check out what we offer that will help them live a more satisfying life; getting on better with everyone they live or work with. They would like to communicate more effectively and express themselves and their feelings comfortably.

Some men who attend counseling have been told they have an anger management problem. When they talk about their experiences, they often discover that anger management is not really what they need to learn about; they just need to learn to talk in a quiet, calm way about things that unsettle them.

Men's workers are qualified to assist with:


Developing better relationships
Grief and Loss
Depression and Anxiety
Post traumatic stress
Management of anger
Behaviour issues
Finding solutions through better communication.


Real Men Make Great Dads!

A parenting program for men who want ideas on how to be great dads.  Our groups are facilitated by men.

The groups cater for Step-parenting, Sole-parenting, Co-parenting, Parenting when the kids are not in your care 

Join us to learn about understanding your child as they grow , your relationship with your child, how to deal with behavioural issues, how to communicate to your child.


For information on the next parenting group: 

Real Men Make Great Dads Term 3 2017


Balancing Love and Discipline 

The program is facilitated by Marc des Landes from Familycare in Seymour.

Marc has conducted numerous parenting workshops and worked with adults and children in a counselling capacity for many years. Marc is highly regarded and has a terrific reputation in this area.

It is very common these days for fathers to be taking a much more active role in family life. Mothers are also finding that there are more demands on their time from a financial point of view. Fathers who find themselves more involved in the parenting part of family life may also find themselves wishing for more options for dealing with the day to day issues that arise in the home.


This course is suitable for all parents who would like to meet with others to explore ways to increase their options in dealing with the various issues that parents experience while supporting and nurturing their partners and children of all ages.


Some of the topics that have been helpful in previous groups include:

· Communication

· Teaching life skills

· Issues of discipline

· What is normal for kids?

· Confronting unacceptable  behaviour

· How to help your child when they are anxious, angry or upset 

For information on the next parenting group:

Balancing Love & Discipline

Women's Anger Management

This course is designed to:

Assist women with anger issues.

Recognize and overcome frustration, anger, and violent or abusive behaviours.

Equip Women with new strategies to improve their relationships with family and others.


For information on the next group:

Women s Anger Management Term 3 2017

Keeping Kool

Have you ever felt just a little bit guilty after giving the kids a “Serve”?

Have you ever wondered if you’ve over done the “telling off”?

Do you wish that you could be more assertive?

Would you like to be able to stay calm when things get really hectic?

Keeping Kool  is a women’s program which can help you deal with these things.  You can learn to  be direct and respectful in the ways that you confront people in your life.  Both people in your family and others that you need to be firm with.

You can also experiment with ways of dealing with the stress in your life and decide on ways that suit you. Most people feel the need at so me time in their lives to be able to deal with problems in a calm rational way and teach their kids to do the same. This program can help you do this.

Learn how to reduce the yelling and still get cooperation. Learn helpful, healing ways to deal with conflict with those who are important to you. Improve your communication with your family. 


For information on the next group:

Keeping Kool Term 3 2017

Men's Anger Management

Understanding anger & the goals of anger management

The difference between anger & violence; coercion; power & control;

Common thinking patterns leading to anger arousal & escalation;

Anger Management strategies & controlling the expression of anger;

Active listening & assertive communication;

Conflict resolution.

Anger Management is an eight session program designed especially for men.


For information on the next group:

Anger Management Term 3 2017


Drumbeat at FamilyCare offers a group setting for therapeutic interventions when people are experiencing strong emotions and thoughts.

Drumbeat reflects and educates:


-Positive communication
-Healthy relationships
-Respect for people and property (drums)
-Active listening
-Imagination growth
-Goal setting
-Our own responsibilities
-Managing our behaviour
-Reading our emotions (anger)
-Social awareness and responsibilities


For centuries, ancient cultures have used hand drumming to bring people together. Drawing on this wisdom and in collaboration with Indigenous and First Nation people and the team at Holyoake developed the DRUMBEAT program in 2003.

Holyoake's DRUMBEAT program is the world's first structured learning program using music, psychology and neurobiology to reconnect with ourselves and others. The brand name DRUMBEAT is an acronym for Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes, and Thoughts.

Each DRUMBEAT session focuses on different relationship themes such as identity and social responsibility, values, dealing with emotions, peer pressure, harmony, communication and teamwork. If desired, the program may conclude with a performance which gives participants an opportunity to share their progress with family, friends and other respected people in their lives


Drumbeat Flyer

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