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All people have skills and competencies that enable them to solve problems and develop opportunities for the enrichment of life. Programs therefore must encourage people to discover new ways of using and extending their skills and resourcefulness.


Family members are the "experts" about their families. While we value the skills and abilities of our workers, and the expertise within the agency, all of these are secondary to the skills and resourcefulness of the families with whom we work. Our role is to complement the competencies that lie within the family. We focus on gaining an understanding of why the problem has occurred and how it can be different, not who is at fault. The subject of therapy is the way people are making sense of themselves and their interaction.


It is peoples’ view of their situation that stands in the way of finding solutions. 


Our Mission & Values


FamilyCare works with individuals, families and communities to increase wellbeing, build strengths and encourage optimism. Our vision is strong, resilient famlies and communities.


FamilyCare is committed to achieving its vision by:

  • Focusing on practices that embrace the existing strengths of families, individuals and communities
  • Developing partnerships and alliances that contribute measurable value to client outcomes
  • Contributing to the development of the communities in which we work
  • Investing in continuous improvement in practices and processes.


FamilyCare has some core organisational values that all staff and volunteers are aware of and must abide by.


These core values are:

  • Respect for all people
  • Empowerment of staff and clients to achieve individual and organisational goals and objectives
  • Integrity our actions are consistent with our beliefs
  • Leadership on issues which impact on families in the community
  • Communication a commitment to open and on-going dialogue with all stakeholders
  • Professionalism the skills of staff and the way they interact with families.


An important element of respect is understanding different cultures and beliefs. FamilyCare is committed to ensuring that people from all backgrounds feel safe and respected.

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Our History


In 2006 Goulburn Valley FamilyCare underwent a change of brand. The organisation is now known as FamilyCare although its legal name remains the same – Goulburn Valley FamilyCare Inc.


A Board of Directors oversees the operations of FamilyCare. This board meets monthly.




Goulburn Valley FamilyCare is a non-government, non-profit organisation offering services to families throughout the Goulburn Valley. GVFC was incorporated in 1994.


Goulburn Valley FamilyCare Inc. commenced operations in 1984 as a program of Child & FamilyCare Network (formerly Burwood Children's Home). At that time two group homes were set up to enable the care of country children in a country setting.


Starting from a small Family Support Service with an emphasis on household management, Goulburn Valley FamilyCare Inc. has gone on to develop programs that offer services to families to assist them to better care for and maintain their children in their own home. An Interchange program also grew in size and importance.


With some cooperation and funding from the Seymour Shire Goulburn Valley FamilyCare increased its family support services in Seymour in 1996. The current building in High Street Seymour was purchased in 1998 and GVFC became the major provider of family services in this area as well. This move positioned GVFC to become the major provider of family services for the Local Government Areas of Moira, Greater Shepparton, Strathbogie, Mitchell and Murrindindi, otherwise known at the West Hume region.


GVFC maintains strong state funded Carer Support Services providing information and services to people who care for an aged person or a person with a disability to enable that person to stay within their own home. This has become core business of the organisation, emphasizing the place of all age groups within the definition of “Family”. The Carer focus is also complementary to the Interchange program which is now focused on support services for young people with a disability and has expanded well beyond the traditional host family program that characterized them in the early days. Now young people with a disability may be paired with a host family but they can also access school holiday programs and youth buddy groups. 

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Our Board


A Board of Directors oversees the operations of FamilyCare and they meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month.



Ann Sexton


 Michael Chisholm


Albert Kellock


Marshall Richards


Betty Dale


Tim Gubbins


Jennifer Savage

Director Marina Klooster

Wendy Lewis


Our People


Management Team

Chief Executive Officer David Tennant
Director of Service Development Angela Armstrong
Director of Business Services
Heather Hall
Manager, IT and Communications  Tony Johnstone
Manager, Child & Family Services Goulburn Valley
Noellene Morrow
Manager, Child & Family Services Lower Hume Lorraine Pelzer
Practice Manager, Disability Support Services Karen Goodger
Practice Manager, Carer Support Services Katie Millen


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Organisational Chart


Organisational Chart 2017 v2


Our Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2016 to 2019

Strategic Report 2016-2019 Year 1 Progress Report

Strategic Report 2016-2019 Year 2 Progress Report

Our Annual Reports

2016-2017 Annual Report

2015-2016 Annual Report

2014-2015 Annual Report

2013-2014 Annual Report (7.16mb)

2012-2013 Annual Report (4.46mb)

2011-2012 Annual Report

2010-2011 Annual-Report (1.55mb)

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Presentations & Speeches

Speech by the CEO at the Rural & Remote Social Worker's Conference, Shepparton 31 July 2015; 'Once upon a time there were Regional Not-for-Profit Community Service Providers . . .'

Rural and Remote Social Workers conference 31 July 2015

Place based welfare conditionality in Australia - experiences from the regional city of Shepparton